The Best Ways to Keep in Shape, from Earth’s Fittest OAP

Published in Vice on 11 Apr 2016

“I’ll tell you something else: strength training increases your libido…”

Charles Eugster is the greatest British sprinter you’ve probably never heard of. He currently holds world records in the 200m (indoor) and 400m (outdoor) sprints, as well as British records in the 60m (indoor), 100m (outdoor) and 200m (outdoor). A couple of weeks ago, he narrowly missed out on the world record for the 60m sprint after pulling his hamstring halfway through. He still won the race to become European Champion. It’s an impressive record, given that the man – by pretty well established standards – shouldn’t be able to cross a road without help, let alone run. He is 96 years old.

The London-born ex-dentist, who now lives in Switzerland, is arguably the fittest OAP on the planet. He’s also a body-builder, a public speaker, a writer, a rower, a wakeboarder, an entrepreneur and a budding fashion designer, planning his own line in elderly couture. But more than anything, he is a professional death defier who hasn’t just slowed the ravages of ageing, but reversed them all together: where once white pubic hairs grew, he says, brown ones now flourish.

This was, of course, quite tricky to independently verify when I rang him up recently.

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